July 25 Birthday Compatibility

July 25

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Sun; Numbers: 5, 7

In Love

In love and romance you are passionate, complex, and determined to have things your own way. Your extroverted personality conceals an uncharacter-istically secretive, somewhat solitary inner nature. You need a partner who understands your shifting moods. You fall in love easily, but when the relationship becomes confining you tend to get antsy. Although fervently loyal, you can also be jealous and possessive. While you treasure your own independence, you have some difficulty granting the same freedom to your mate. Your union may develop serious problems if your desire for a commitment conflicts with your need to feel free and unfettered.

In Bed

A master of nonverbal communication, you express your innermost feelings through sensual contact with your beloved. The idealist in you views the sex act as an intimate dance that creates a harmonic exchange between the partners. In your mind, you equate your own union with the mythos of a fairy tale, in which physical lovemaking symbolizes the unity of two souls. Ever attentive to your partner’s needs and desires, you expect your consideration for him or her to be reciprocated in kind.


You think more with your heart than with your head. In a loving relationship, having a good time together is a top priority for you. The spirited, romantic playmate who showers you with warmth and affection and also surprises you with sexy, slightly naughty little gifts, is the one with the wherewithal to spark your fiery leonine passion.

Reality Check

Your enthusiastic zest for life causes you to immerse yourself completely in everything you do. Genial and generous, you detest pettiness of any kind, and your bubbly enthusiasm makes you popular with friends and associates alike. However, your inherent honesty and inclination to say what you’re thinking can get you into big trouble.

July 25 Birthday Compatibility


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