September 17 Birthday Compatibility

September 17

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Venus; Numbers: 8, 8

In Love

People born on this day are naturally reserved. However, when you overcome your hesitation and feel secure in a relationship, you make a loving, thoughtful, albeit critical, romantic partner. Although rather aloof on the outside, on the inside you are kindhearted and emotionally vulnerable. You prefer showing your beloved how much you care by being helpful and dependable. You may not be the easiest person to live with, but once you’ve satisfied your need for love and acceptance, you make a loyal, devoted mate.

Even so, you have difficulty expressing your true feelings, and at times you can seem rather distant.

In Bed

You are a totally different person in private than in public. In a loving and intimate union, you are sensual, ardent, and affectionate. While your bedroom approach may lack something in terms of romance, you more than make up for it with your sexual prowess and willingness to please your bedmate. Despite your strong sex-drive, the need to analyze and understand your own physical appetites causes you to keep them under strict control.


Behind closed doors, your repressed sexual desires erupt with passionate abandon. An erotic massage at the hands of your lover relaxes you as it reconnects you to your lusty libido. The attentive partner who strokes your ego along with your body realizes that your sensual pleasures grow in proportion to your sense of security and acceptance.

Reality Check

Shrewd in your business or professional life, you’re an expert at managing resources and getting the most from people. Always honest and straightforward in your dealings, you expect the truth from others in return. Although you can be controlling and demanding, there’s an independent streak in your makeup that causes you to resist attempts by others to monitor or restrain your activities.

September 17 Birthday Compatibility


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