April 12 Birthday Compatibility

April 12

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Jupiter; Numbers: 3, 7

In Love

The individual celebrating a birthday today is an unabashed optimist with an eternally youthful outlook. You need a love relationship that keeps you energized and active. More than anything, you want to be with someone who is as fun loving and playful as you. Friendship and communication are essential to your ideal relationship, as is a plethora of common interests. As long as the good times keep rolling, you truly believe that the union will last forever. However, if you become bored or disenchanted, you may break it off rather abruptly and begin searching for someone more exciting.

In Bed

You approach the bedroom with enthusiasm for the promise of erotic discovery. You revel in the spontaneous and unexpected. If a hint of boring routine emerges during your lovemaking, you spice things up with innovative sex play. Talking and even joking around while having sex sparks your desire. You like knowing exactly what your partner is thinking and feeling when you’re making love. You enjoy acting out your fantasies and experimenting with new ways to titillate each other.


When your mind is aroused, your body follows. Dressing up and engaging in role-playing games stimulates you mentally and physically. Your intellectual inquisitiveness extends to your sex life, so you’re always in the market for novel experiences. A partner whose curiosity matches your own, and who knows a new trick or two, is a sure turn-on.

Reality Check

People seek you out because you are fun, and there’s rarely a dull moment with you around. You adore traveling, meeting interesting people, and trying new things. You consider sameness and dull routine a major turnoff.

However, you need to realize that some of the exciting, unusual activities you enjoy are not just risky. They can also be quite dangerous.

April 12 Birthday Compatibility


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