September 19 Birthday Compatibility

September 19

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Venus; Numbers: 1, 1

In Love

A true meeting of the minds is considerably more important to you than love and romance. Nevertheless, there is an impulsive side to your character that prompts you to rush headlong into new relationships. However, a cautious inner voice usually reminds you to think twice before taking the plunge. Physically you’re passionate, but emotionally you can blow hot and cold. Even so, when you find security and contentment in a love union, you are a caring, affectionate partner. Your innate generosity makes you want to please your significant other. But in return, you expect nothing less than his or her undying appreciation.

In Bed

As a lover, you are more eager and aggressive than most other members of your Sun sign. In a romantic relationship, mental rapport may be your first requirement, but fiery sexual ardor runs a close second. Your dynamic physical vitality thrives on high-energy lovemaking. When you are away from your beloved, your passionate desires smolder like a dormant volcano. In your most intense intimate moments, your cool Virgo reserve tends to melt away like snow on a hot stove.


It takes a lot of variety and mental and physical stimulation to excite your body and your mind. Your brain is your most sensitive erogenous zone, and expressing your sexual desires verbally is a real turn-on. When one of you is out of town, you get off on engaging in hot phone sex and swapping torrid text messages with your significant other.

Reality Check

You are extremely critical, with an analytical bent that allows you to zero in on potential weaknesses in people and situations before they develop into serious problems. Your special gift is your knack for examining a thing from every angle and reasoning it through from the general down to the particular.

September 19 Birthday Compatibility


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