March 17 Birthday Compatibility

March 17

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Pluto; Numbers: 2, 8

In Love

Despite a decidedly romantic slant to your character, you are more prudent in love than others of your Sun sign. Your desire for emotional security makes you crave the safety and companionship of a close, long-term relationship. Until you find it, you may choose to follow the lifestyle of a self-reliant loner. Although you enjoy your solitude, you long for the love and affection of a devoted partner and may not be truly happy without it. You flourish in a caring, committed union with a mate who understands both the seriousness and the whimsical aspects of your nature.

In Bed

You’re a passionate lover with a strong libido and a somewhat traditional view of sexuality. Your bedroom technique is straightforward and generally lacking in chatter and superfluous moves. You approach lovemaking with the same intensity as everything else in your life. Still, you are a romantic, and you strive to create the right kind of environment. You like being the one in control. You set the pace and expect your partner to follow your lead.


Sometimes you shock yourself by realizing what really excites you. A touch of the tacky, supersexy, naughty, or gaudy may seem déclassé, but it gets your juices flowing. A slow striptease, a racy video, or a few bawdy suggestions can set your heart racing and make you forget all about work and responsibility.

Reality Check

You have two quite distinct sides to your personality. You feel great empathy for those in need, yet a cautious pragmatism lurks beneath your kindhearted Piscean nature. Although you want to help people, you’re afraid of being used or taken advantage of. Consequently, you’re not likely to be found offering free handouts, yet you’re perfectly willing to offer a boost to those trying to help themselves.

March 17 Birthday Compatibility


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