August 18 Birthday Compatibility

August 18

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Mars; Numbers: 8, 9

In Love

You’re a dreamer as well as an idealist. You give your all to your lover, and you expect to be loved and cherished in return. Emotionally volatile and vulnerable, you’re something of an enigma even to those closest to you. A complex mixture of confidence and uncertainty, the lion inside you craves the spotlight, but another part of you prefers operating from behind the scenes. You are so psychic, you pick up on your partner’s thoughts all the time. It’s difficult for you to understand why he or she doesn’t seem to know what you’re feeling and thinking as well.

In Bed

Your sexy sensuality emerges behind closed doors. When the lights go out, you lose yourself in your partner’s arms. Fantasy and role-playing games are among your favorite activities, and you envelop your lover in the rosy aura of your imagination. Playful and spontaneous when making love, you have a sexual technique that tends to run the gamut from cuddly and affectionate to breathtaking abandon. Setting the stage with beautiful, luxurious things provides the perfect backdrop for your personal romantic drama.


Being surrounded by the trappings of romance in your own private love nest turns you on. For you, sexual arousal may begin with a provocative suggestion or a few wild, seductive movements. Performing a sultry, erotic striptease for your lover allows you to reveal the hot-blooded performer lurking just beneath your more reserved public façade.

Reality Check

Artistic and imaginative with a poetic temperament, you have psychic sensitivity that allows you to tune in to prevailing conditions. More restless and changeable than other lions, you’re also more easily distressed and distracted.

Naturally empathetic and compassionate, you are easily moved by the problems and difficulties of others and must be careful not to let people take advantage of your good nature.

August 18 Birthday Compatibility


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