July 23 Birthday Compatibility

July 23

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Sun; Numbers: 3, 5

In Love

Love makes your world go around, yet you are independent enough not to allow it to rule your life. Solitude holds little appeal for you; you want the closeness of an intimate union. However, the relationship must be on your terms. No one, not even your dearest love, gets away with telling you what to do. Despite the fiery passion of your strong sex drive, you yearn for a romantic relationship where love and friendship coexist. You’ll quickly lose interest in your mate if there is no intellectual connection. When you find your Mr. or Ms. Right, you make a loyal, loving partner.

In Bed

As a lover, you are not a big fan of subtle sexual technique. To your way of thinking, whispering sweet nothings in a potential lover’s ear is the sexual equivalent of empty calories. A firm believer in the old saw about action speaking louder than words, you prefer the more direct approach. While you can be aggressive and dramatic in the bedroom, you are never crude or boorish. The warmth of your sunny, romantic idealism permeates your lovemaking, just as it lights up everything you do.


Your idea of the perfect turn-on includes tons of affection and oodles of admiration. Love is your ultimate aphrodisiac, and you enjoy being the center of your lover’s attention. To arouse you physically, your partner should start by stroking your lower back and chest and then proceed to a full-body massage with aromatherapy oils.

Reality Check

You can be extremely stubborn and opinionated. Once you’ve made your mind up about something or someone, it’s virtually impossible to get you to change it. However, it is also your fixed nature that provides you with the grit and tenacity to see all your projects through to completion.

July 23 Birthday Compatibility


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