April 10 Birthday Compatibility

April 10

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Sun; Numbers: 1, 5

In Love

Impulsive and impetuous where love and romance are concerned, you plunge headlong into a new relationship without a thought to where it might lead. You’re definitely not a loner. You actually prefer being one-half of a couple to living on your own. However, in spite of your sociability, you’ll choose the solitary life over a union that restricts your personal freedom. When you find the person you believe to be your soul mate, you shower him or her with attention, affection, and gifts. As long as your partner is able to hold your interest, you’ll remain loyal and devoted.

In Bed

A romantic, passionate, and imaginative lover, you thrive in an atmosphere of free and open communication. Pillow talk with your lover is important to you, because it increases your sense of intimacy. You want to know what feels good to your partner, and you won’t hesitate to share your own likes and dislikes. As long as the lovemaking doesn’t fall into a dull routine, you’re happiest in a permanent union with a mate who shares your desire for frequent sex.


Nothing turns you on faster than a partner who takes you by surprise in the bedroom. You have no compunction when it comes to trying new things—

the more outrageous and exciting the innovations, the better you like it. Yet the romantic in you also wants lovemaking to be a transcendent experience, at once ecstatic and dramatic.

Reality Check

Although you may be intelligent, witty, and magnanimous, it’s quite unlikely that anyone ever thinks of you as sensitive. Outgoing, direct, and emotionally uncomplicated, you are much too busy living to get involved in long-winded discussions about your thoughts and feelings. You know what you feel, and you couldn’t care less about why you feel that way.

April 10 Birthday Compatibility


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