July 02 Birthday Compatibility

July 2

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Pluto; Numbers: 2, 9

In Love

Your need for security, both emotional and material, is perhaps the strongest in the zodiac. You want a calm home life and the closeness of a committed love union. To you, a romantic relationship is about give and take, with each partner taking care of and helping the other. You regard compromise as the main ingredient in any partnership, and you want a significant other who is willing to work through difficulties by honestly sharing feelings and ideas. Blessed with a strong intuitive sense, you can usually tell when you meet someone if he or she is “the one” for you.

In Bed

A true romantic, you make a sentimental, tender lover. In the seclusion of your boudoir, you feel free to explore the mysteries of sexual intimacy.

Affectionate and demonstrative, you show your feelings for your bedmate in lots of little ways. Because you enjoy creature comforts, you are good at setting the tone for a passionate encounter with luxurious bedding, scented candles, and romantic music. Physical contact is your favorite form of communication, and you depend on deeds, not words, to get your message across.


A serene, tranquil atmosphere prepares you for lovemaking. You prefer the simpler pleasures of love to the more exotic indulgences of confirmed sexual athletes. You’re turned on by slow, sensual foreplay that builds to a dramatic climax. Your desires grow and expand in a languid atmosphere of comfort-ing hugs and long, lingering kisses.

Reality Check

The shadow side to your sweet, gentle nature is moodiness and a tendency toward hurt feelings resulting from slights and insults, either real or imagined. You are oversensitive and somewhat inclined toward self-pity. Despite your innate kindness, you can be a champion grudge holder. Although you may be persuaded to forgive, you almost never forget.

July 02 Birthday Compatibility


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