January 30 Birthday Compatibility

January 30

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Mercury; Numbers: 3, 4

In Love

In your intimate relationships, you send out mixed signals without even realizing you’re doing it. You come off as loving and caring on one hand while simultaneously appearing detached and aloof on the other. The origins of your passions and sexual impulses are mental rather than physical or emotional. You can take romance and sentimentality or leave them alone.

However, you invariably respond to the person who ignites your mind and imagination. You need a partner who is your friend and companion as well as your lover, someone who willingly shares your many and varied interests.

In Bed

You have a secret fantasy of being carried away and swept off your feet. But in real life, your rational mind rides herd on your emotions and keeps this from ever happening. Maintaining a cool head makes you feel safe and in control, so you scrutinize each idea mentally before acting on it. The weird thing is that despite your analyzing, you can be pretty wild in bed. There are very few taboos in your Aquarian bizarro world.


You possess a lively, biting wit and have a way with words that goes far beyond mere ordinary chitter-chatter. As far as you’re concerned, any lusty, free-flowing erotic verbal exchange, whether in your own bedroom, on the telephone, by letter, in a chat room, by fax, or via email is a guaranteed sexual turn-on.

Reality Check

Eccentricity and unconventionality are at the very core of your identity. It’s as natural for you to rebel against accepted ideas of behavior as it is for a Capricorn to respect and uphold tradition. You thoroughly despise sameness and dull routine, and the restrictions of a humdrum existence can send you into therapy. Even in your closest relationships, you need to retain some sense of freedom and independence.

January 30 Birthday Compatibility


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