March 28 Birthday Compatibility

March 28

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Mars; Numbers: 1, 4

In Love

Nothing is hidden in your sunny, outgoing personality—what people see is what they get. Like the legendary knights of yore, you view life as a quest for adventure and romance. In a love relationship, you’re romantic, passionate, and idealistic. A life partner is important to you, but you won’t sacrifice everything to have one. You thrive on change, and a union that becomes routine quickly loses its attraction for you. When things go too smoothly, you get antsy and try to generate fresh excitement. More often than not, you get the sparks flying again by deliberately (if unconsciously) creating conflict.

In Bed

Sensation oriented and hot blooded, your sexual approach is straightforward and uncomplicated. You refuse to play games in the bedroom. Because you don’t act coy or send mixed messages, the art of slow, subtle seduction is totally wasted on you. You prefer open and direct communication. You’re not afraid to come right out and ask for what you want, and you expect your bed partner to do the same. You’re open to trying new things, so no request is too outrageous for you to consider.


Given your need for constant stimulation, a lover who is able to surprise you with something new or different will continue to hold your interest for a long time. You’re fond of little presents, especially if the gifts are enticing garments or toys specifically designed to increase sexual excitement and pleasure.

Reality Check

You are impatient, quick witted, and ambitious, with a tendency to race through life without a thought to what anyone else wants. A genuine individualist, you have a great deal of faith in yourself and your own way of doing things. Although you mean well, you just can’t understand why other people are unable to match your frenetic pace.

March 28 Birthday Compatibility


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