November 01 Birthday Compatibility

November 1

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Pluto; Numbers: 1, 3

In Love

Your charm and magnetic personality make you a much-sought-after romantic partner. In an intimate union, you are loving and passionate but also demanding and not easily pleased. Basically independent and self-contained, you probably have relatively few really close friends. Because you prefer committed relationships to casual ones, your romances tend to be serious and long lasting. As a member of one of the most passionate Sun signs, you’re a strongly sexed, somewhat controlling lover. Nevertheless, you’re intensely loyal, and when you allow yourself to get deeply involved with someone you make a steadfast, loving, and reliable mate.

In Bed

Few can match either your amazing sexual prowess or your powerful intensity in the bedroom. For you, love and sex need to be “all or nothing.”

Once aroused, your lusty libido shoots off fiery sparks of desire. Typically, your unflagging physical stamina leads to long nights (and days) of thrilling lovemaking. Your ideal bed partner is capable of matching your reckless abandon. The lover who cannot equal your sexual vigor may end up out in the cold.


Since you are considerably more sexy and passionate than romantic, it takes lots of stimulation and excitement to really turn you on. You yearn for an enthusiastic bed partner who is willing to try just about anything that pleases you both. A playful romp in bed releases pent-up aggressions and puts you in the mood for even more potent loving.

Reality Check

Your great strength lies in your ability to combine stealth and strategy with your immense physical vitality. However, you have little patience with those who don’t catch on as quickly and completely as you. Once you get going on something, nothing can stop you, and you tend to resent anyone who can’t keep up.

November 01 Birthday Compatibility


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