June 08 Birthday Compatibility

June 8

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Venus; Numbers: 5, 8

In Love

Your friendly, outgoing manner and way with words attract a number of interesting acquaintances, but only a select few are permitted to enter your private world. You tend to analyze everything about a potential romantic partner before you’ll even consider a serious alliance. When problems arise in a close relationship, you respond intellectually rather than emotionally, because you are more comfortable talking about your feelings than actually letting yourself feel them. You are seeking an enduring love relationship that gives you considerable freedom of movement, yet you expect a strong commitment and total loyalty from your significant other.

In Bed

Your dedication to work can leave little time for love and romance. Nevertheless, you make the most of whatever time you have. In public you can be rather reserved in your expressions of affection, but behind closed doors you exhibit the raunchy side of your lusty libido. The privacy of the bedroom brings out your steamy sensuality. Once freed of your inhibitions, you make a delightfully verbal lover, using words as a means of stimulation and seduction.


A glamorous evening out on the town can set the stage for heavenly lovemaking later on in the night. At times you may appear somewhat distracted, yet you are aware of every subtle nuance of your lover’s body language. A provocative glance or suggestive allusion can serve as an aphrodisiac for the passionate intimacy that eventually follows.

Reality Check

You assimilate knowledge quickly; then you use what you have learned to convince others of the validity of your arguments. Emotionally, however, you are changeable and contradictory, and your volatility can be quite puzzling to all who care about you. You may be buoyant and high spirited one moment, and then you’ll suddenly shift gears and become solemn and thoughtful the next.

June 08 Birthday Compatibility


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