July 17 Birthday Compatibility

July 17

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Neptune; Numbers: 6, 8

In Love

You are harder working and more serious than most members of the zodiac, but also considerably more emotional. In your public life you want recognition and success. In your private life you crave love and understanding. The domestic side of your nature longs for the comfort of home and a family. When you find the love and acceptance you seek, you make a caring, responsive lover and a practical, dependable life partner. However, the intensity of your desire to create a safe and secure haven for yourself and your loved ones may give people the impression that you are controlling and possessive.

In Bed

In the bedroom, you shed your mask of stoicism and show yourself for the hot-blooded, sensual lover you are. More interested in doing than talking, you don’t gush about your deepest feelings. Instead, you demonstrate your affection through the generosity and creativity of your lovemaking. Your tender touch and consideration for you bedmate reveal an innate sensitivity that you usually keep under wraps. Endurance is your forte, and you like to take the time to savor every sensuous moment.


When you go out on the town, your idea of a fine evening includes an elegant dinner, sophisticated entertainment, and the company of dignified people. However, at home you allow your cuddly, domestic side to show with spontaneous hugs and long, languid kisses. A night of romantic seduction stirs your passion and inflames your libido.

Reality Check

With your unique combination of toughness and tenderness, you come off as ambitious, pragmatic, and coolly detached on one hand, yet emotionally vulnerable and seemingly unpredictable on the other. Basically peaceable, you tend to go out of your way to avoid an argument or disagreement.

Nevertheless, your amiable façade should not be confused with inner weakness.

July 17 Birthday Compatibility


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