February 23 Birthday Compatibility

February 23

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Neptune; Numbers: 5, 7

In Love

Your friendly, outgoing personality masks an inner core of independence.

Part of you lives in a private world that few can share. You expect more than sex and romance from a love relationship. What you are really seeking is a psychic link that transcends differences in temperament. You are loving and affectionate but likely to jump in and out of romantic unions. You like the security of a committed partnership, but there is a fear of intimacy in your makeup. Your ideal partner is one who is aware of and willing to accept the paradoxical aspects of your nature.

In Bed

Your lovemaking may vacillate from the intensely emotional and intuitive to some off-the-wall experimental moves that you just happened to read or hear about. Nevertheless, your unpredictable sexual antics can work in your favor if they keep you and your lover from becoming bored with each other.

As a lover, you are generous and considerate of your partner’s wishes. Although open-minded and accepting of most things, you patently refuse to put up with tedium, especially in the bedroom.


You may be a sucker for romance and fantasy, but it’s novelty and excitement that really turns you on. Although you love the sweet anticipation of a subtle seduction scene, complete with candlelight and tender kisses, it takes a bit of variety and change to get your blood boiling and all your juices flowing.

Reality Check

You get along with all types of people, and you have a way of making friends out of strangers. The benevolence of your Pisces Sun makes you want to jump right in and offer aid and comfort to anyone in need.

However, the impersonal side of you remains detached from those you are helping and keeps you from getting emotionally involved in their problems.

February 23 Birthday Compatibility


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