July 05 Birthday Compatibility

July 5

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Pluto; Numbers: 3, 5

In Love

Those born on this day are often conflicted between their desire for independence and their need for stability. You long for roots and commitment, but your intellectual side requires mental companionship and tends to favor a more unconventional lifestyle. Eventually, the inclinations of your practical, nurturing Cancer Sun sign overcome any reluctance you may feel about entering into a permanent union. Social contacts mean a great deal to you, and your charming, friendly nature and aura of concerned compassion make you popular and well liked by everyone. Potential suitors are attracted by your genuine warmth and pulsating sexual allure.

In Bed

An innovative lover, you want a physical relationship that is as spontaneous and inventive as it is sensual and romantic. What you don’t want is an attachment that, although secure, is the same day after day. You can be totally serious and absurdly funny by turns. In the bedroom, your ability to combine subtle seduction with a bit of outrageous fun keeps your lovemaking fresh and exciting. Naturally intuitive, you are able to pick up on your partner’s wishes by tuning in to his or her private thoughts.


In the bedroom or out, compromise and sharing are important to you.

However, you don’t like to appear emotionally vulnerable. You prefer drop-ping hints about what you like rather than coming right out and explaining what you want. The sensitive partner who truly understands you offers you love and security without caging you in.

Reality Check

You possess an array of contrasting characteristics that give you your unique individuality. These include an elusive paradoxical quality that is difficult to pigeonhole or define. You seem independent and self-sufficient one moment, and then appear to be at the mercy of the moods and feelings of those around you the next.

July 05 Birthday Compatibility


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