October 20 Birthday Compatibility

October 20

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Mercury; Numbers: 2, 3

In Love

The “urge to merge” is very strong in you, and you’re happiest in a lasting intimate relationship. Sensuous, caring, and passionate by nature, you’re capable of loving with total commitment. However, you expect fidelity and devotion in return. You’re sociable, and you enjoy a little harmless flirting from time to time. But what you really want out of life is a loving union with your one true love. You want beauty and order in your life, and you enjoy creating harmonious surroundings for yourself and your partner. Your ideal mate fills your life with poetry and romance.

In Bed

An idealist in the bedroom and elsewhere, you expect your actual experiences to somehow mirror your intellectual ideal of romantic love. Even though the lovemaking of your dreams and fantasies always seems to be just beyond your reach, you keep on trying. As a result, you’re one of the most sensual and sexually active members of your Sun sign. Eventually you may find that the finest expression of your love comes through the earthy reality of physical union with your beloved.


Your tactile sense is well developed. When you and your lover concentrate on touching each other from head to toe, the caresses turn both of you on.

An exotic feast of unusual foods and interesting wines will appeal to your hedonistic tastes. You respond sensuously to sexy and enticing edible treats strategically placed on each of your bodies.

Reality Check

Although it can take a while for you to reach a decision, once your mind is made up there is very little anyone can do to change it. You may have a difficult time getting started, but you’re no quitter. Once you’ve made that first step, you’ll stick with a project to the bitter end.

October 20 Birthday Compatibility


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