October 25 Birthday Compatibility

October 25

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Pluto; Numbers: 7, 8

In Love

Relationships are truly important to you, yet you would rather be alone than subjugated to someone else’s will. Innately secretive and mysterious, you have your own way of doing things. Much of the time, even those close to you are unaware of what is actually going on beneath your composed façade. However, when you make a firm commitment, you expect to stick by it. In an intimate union you are capable of deep, long-lasting affection and intense loyalty and devotion, albeit if only to the mate or lover who is content to play by your rules.

In Bed

Despite Scorpio’s reputation for smoldering sexuality, you can sublimate your strong physical desires when it suits your purposes. You understand the power wielded by your magnetic sex appeal, but you also understand the power of celibacy. Because your attitude regarding intimate relationships tends to be “all or nothing at all,” you may alternate between periods of frequent sexual activity and others of complete abstinence. Although not especially romantic, you are a passionate, agile lover and eminently capable of providing your bedmate with a great deal of sexual pleasure.


Your fascination with sex inspires numerous exotic fantasies of sultry seduc-tions. Acting out these scenarios with your lover provides a creative outlet for your powerful imagination in addition to being a guaranteed turn-on.

Sharing lusty thoughts and ideas with your beloved serves as tantalizing foreplay for a steamy night of erotic lovemaking.

Reality Check

You like puzzles and challenges, and you’re naturally drawn to everything hidden and mysterious. You react to most situations with Scorpio’s keen incisiveness and an uncanny ability to get to the root of the matter. A master of subtlety, you mask your motives so completely that you finesse information from people without their even realizing it.

October 25 Birthday Compatibility


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