July 14 Birthday Compatibility

July 14

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Neptune; Numbers: 3, 5

In Love

In a close relationship, you may feel conflicted between your desire for personal freedom and your deep-seated longing for stability and security.

Ultimately you will realize that you need roots and commitment even more than freedom and independence. Moreover, the nurturing, romantic side of your makeup is stronger than your reluctance to enter into a long-term union. Once you find your soul mate, you should have little problem expressing yourself and telling your beloved how much you care. Because mental rapport is as important to you as physical affinity, you need a lover who is your intellectual equal.

In Bed

You are cautious about diving into love and romance. First you test the waters by subtlely sounding out your partner in an attempt to gauge the depth of his or her affections. When you’re pretty sure that you are on solid ground, you move ahead to the next level. Your ideal mate engages your mind as well as your body. The resulting feelings of closeness inflame your desire as well as increase your appetite for physical and emotional intimacy.


You respond to a sensual lover who takes advantage of every erotic opportunity. Surrendering to the spontaneity of the unexpected moment holds much more appeal for you than lovemaking that settles into a dull routine.

Because mental depth matters as much to you as physical technique, witty conversation and sexy repartee add fuel to your fire.

Reality Check

Intelligent, understanding, and sympathetic, you have much to contribute to society. Your knack for coping with the unexpected gives you the confidence to try new things. Nevertheless, your basic nature is made up of sharp contrasts between emotional sensitivity and a cerebral mentality. As a result, you can be rational and objective one moment and dreamy and unpredictable the next.

July 14 Birthday Compatibility


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