November 06 Birthday Compatibility

November 6

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Neptune; Numbers: 6, 8

In Love

Your charm and charisma attracts prospective suitors and draws them toward you. Because your capacity for solitude is low, an intimate relationship is pretty much a necessity for you. Although you yearn for a close, permanent union, you need to feel comfortable and in control before committing yourself. With your romantic, sensual nature, you have a great deal to give in a loving relationship. Although your surface personality is more easygoing than that of other scorpions, when challenged your inner toughness comes into play. However, you expect so much from people that your significant other may find your demands a bit overwhelming.

In Bed

You tend to be more sensitive to your mate’s needs and desires than others of your Sun sign. Because romance and sex are integrally intertwined in your psyche, you use your body and mind together in an artful way.

Moreover, your particular combination of passion and romantic idealism makes you an extremely creative lover. Intuitive and imaginative, you always seem to know exactly what your partner wants between the sheets, and you are more than capable of providing it.


For you, the glamour of romance can be quite intoxicating. You prefer a well-orchestrated seduction to a carnal free-for-all, and you appreciate a lover who takes the trouble to create a romantic setting for lovemaking.

Everything enticing, from a sensuous massage with flavored oils and teasing feathers to a slow, sultry striptease, turns you on.

Reality Check

You work wonders when it comes to bringing people together. Your inner self may be idealistic and optimistic, but you have a darker side that understands the many foibles of human nature. Although injustice upsets you, you are not all that surprised if, despite your best efforts, good does not tri-umph over evil.

November 06 Birthday Compatibility


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