March 04 Birthday Compatibility

March 4

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Moon; Numbers: 4, 7

In Love

Your approach to love and sex is romantic, sentimental, and idealistic. You place a high priority on the value of a loving relationship. Because you crave stability and security in a close union, you do not give your heart away easily. Dignity and control are important to you, so you hide behind a reserved façade until you feel free to express your deeper feelings. You don’t like going it alone. Until you find a companion you deem worthy, you may find yourself retreating into the rich fantasy world of your imagination, where love and romance reign supreme.

In Bed

To you, sex and sensuality are part of the entire package that makes up any romantic relationship. You want emotional fulfillment along with the sexual gratification. You get off on the complex rituals of courtship and enjoy being wooed in bed and out. Total abandonment to physical passion frightens you. Yet once trust is established, you’re capable of letting go and losing yourself completely in the wild expanse of emotion generated by your vivid imagination.


You’re not interested in sex for its own sake; you want to make love. A mood-setting atmosphere of love and romance appeals to your imagination and stimulates your physical desires. You respond enthusiastically to a dreamy location, preferably near water, and a lover who whispers words of love interspersed with salacious promises.

Reality Check

You’re an odd dichotomy of artistic temperament and rational intellect. Like other fish, you are dreamy and emotional. However, your inner self, while equally sensitive, is more sensible and predisposed to think in terms of practical realities. When overworked or subjected to extended periods of solitude, you may experience feelings of isolation. If you allow yourself to get stuck in a negative mind-set, you could suffer from depression.

March 04 Birthday Compatibility


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