December 26 Birthday Compatibility

December 26

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Saturn; Numbers: 2, 8

In Love

Although seemingly fearless in business relationships, where love is concerned you often feel shy and insecure. While you can be overly wary as a friend or lover, no one else is as faithful or reliable. Built to last, you don’t jump into a serious alliance without giving it lots of thought. You may not be outwardly romantic, but beneath your restrained exterior you’re deeply passionate, extremely sensitive, and very much in need of love and friendship (although you would probably rather die than admit it). When you commit to a close relationship, you are loyal and loving but also jealous and possessive.

In Bed

You may come off as emotionally cool on the surface, but you are warm and sensitive underneath. Although basically shy, you are also strongly sexed and extremely sensual. When aroused, you are capable of intense and sustained physical passion. Where lovemaking is concerned, you like to take it slow and get it right. Satisfying your mate’s needs is as important to you as satisfying your own. Creating a comfortable atmosphere of sensuality in the bedroom gives you someplace where you can really relax.


Depending on work and responsibilities, the needle on your sensuality meter can swing back and forth between passion and detachment. Your ideal lover knows how to use touching and stroking to lure the horny goat out of hiding. Once you feel mellow and relaxed, a seductive striptease puts you in the mood for some red-hot, erotic lovemaking.

Reality Check

Part of Capricorn’s shadow nature is a tendency to play the martyr. You thrive on duty and responsibility. However, when things become too much for you, you refuse to ask for help. Instead you suffer in silence or complain to everyone except the person who can actually offer you some relief.

December 26 Birthday Compatibility


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