November 07 Birthday Compatibility

November 7

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Neptune; Numbers: 7, 9

In Love

The person born on this day is more likely than other scorpions to idealize a romantic partner and place him or her on a pedestal. Then, if it all turns sour and you’re forced to face up to reality, you are likely to feel hurt and disappointed. Despite being perfectly capable of loyalty and lasting affection, you are rather moody and require occasional periods of solitude. At times, you feel pulled between your inclination toward fidelity and your naturally flirtatious, independent spirit. While close relationships are important to you, you actually prefer remaining alone to being involved with the wrong person.

In Bed

Initially, you may conceal your hot-blooded sexuality and your emotional vulnerability behind a mask of cool detachment. An air of mystery and secrecy guards your private feelings, at least until you are sure that you can trust your partner completely. Eventually, you begin to reveal the true depth and breadth of your ardent nature. Once this happens, you surrender totally to the smoldering desires welling up inside you. Your appetite for sensual pleasure continues to grow as your comfort level increases.


Sharing your lustiest sexual fantasies may provide an imaginative outlet for your volatile inner passions. Just following the whims of your libido can take you to the edge of intense sensual pleasure. An erotic massage serves as relaxing and arousing foreplay, and you respond eagerly to teasing, touching, and caressing of all your erogenous zones.

Reality Check

You’re so good at concealing your feelings that most people aren’t aware of what is actually going on beneath your composed façade. Your surface poise doesn’t desert you even when you’re feeling upset. You may find a private corner to lick your wounds, but no matter how bad things get, you don’t let anyone see your pain.

November 07 Birthday Compatibility


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