July 15 Birthday Compatibility

July 15

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Neptune; Numbers: 4, 6

In Love

Close relationships are all important to the person born on this date. An idyllic vision of love has you imagining a life of bliss and endless harmony.

If an intimate union doesn’t turn out as hoped, you could decide to withdraw into the solitude of your crab shell. However, you won’t stay there for very long. Companionship is as vital to you as breathing, and you tend to feel incomplete without a romantic partner. You refuse to accept halfway measures in a relationship, and your demands for total commitment might cause a prospective lover to shy away.

In Bed

In love with the idea of love as well as the actuality, you play the role of romantic suitor with relish and aplomb. You bring refinement to your sexual desires and prefer making love in a congenial, harmonious atmosphere. In the bedroom as elsewhere, your aim is to please your partner.

By creating a sensuous, comfortable place for you two to be together, you demonstrate your love and affection. When you make your lover happy, you feel happy too.


Romance is your middle name. You enjoy all the preliminaries leading up to sex almost as much as the act itself. Music, flowers, candlelit dinners, and long walks on the beach are the sort of things that get you in the mood.

Words of love and the promise of impending intimacy delight you and spark the lusty, erotic side of your ardent nature.

Reality Check

You’re inherently charming, with a magnetic personality that draws others to you. Although you hate being alone, some of your fairy-tale ideas with regard to relationships are exceedingly romantic and sentimental. Moreover, your emotional vulnerability makes you as likely to fall in love with a romantic ideal as with a real person.

July 15 Birthday Compatibility


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