June 13 Birthday Compatibility

June 13

Sun Sign: Gemini/Mercury

Decanate: Gemini/Uranus; Numbers: 1, 4

In Love

On the outside you appear to be a high-spirited, lighthearted extrovert.

However, within yourself you are more stable and responsible than most people realize. In a love relationship, the same holds true. Emotionally, you are more than a little insecure and long for the security of lasting commitment. But because you have a flirtatious manner and a roving eye, others may assume that you are not serious about settling down. Although you crave the type of variety and change sought by most members of your Sun sign, strong family feelings ultimately outweigh your desire for freedom and independence.

In Bed

You truly believe that love and romance make the world go round, and you have an idealized notion of what an intimate union should be. You can be rather shy in the bedroom, so you like having a bold, lusty lover who knows how to melt your inhibitions. Even more important, you want a partner you can talk to, someone who understands your plans and dreams. Once you feel comfortable with your mate, there is no limit to what you’ll do to keep him or her happy.


You have a tendency to swing back and forth from cool detachment to fiery ardor, depending upon your mood at any given moment. In public you may insist on reserved expressions of love and affection. But behind closed doors you long to be seduced by a partner who knows how to unleash your pent-up passions and soothe your sexual tensions.

Reality Check

Your realistic view of the world grounds you and heightens your sense of purpose. Yet like other members of your Gemini Sun sign, you sometimes have great difficulty reaching concrete decisions. Still, in an emergency you can usually be counted on to respond with swift, appropriate action.

June 13 Birthday Compatibility


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