December 15 Birthday Compatibility

December 15

Sun Sign: Sagittarius/Jupiter

Decanate: Sagittarius/Sun; Numbers: 6, 9

In Love

Persons born on this date are charming and attractive, with magnetic personalities that draw others to them. You love to party, and in all likelihood you enjoy an extremely active social life. In an intimate relationship, you make a sexy lover who is straightforward, affectionate, and sincere. You are also extraordinarily romantic for a Sagittarian native. You want a loving companion to share your life, and therefore may be quicker to commit to a long-term union than other archers. Because you tend to think in pairs, you just don’t feel complete without a partner at your side.

In Bed

Your romantic temperament requires a pleasant, harmonious atmosphere for lovemaking. Although you enjoy going out on the town for an evening of sophisticated amusement, you’re just as happy at home in the privacy of your own cozy love nest. A setting of casual elegance creates exactly the right setting for your most intimate moments. Flowers, music, and candlelight all help put you in the mood for loving. You respond amorously to provocative looks and whispered words of love and desire.


You are a lot more interested in the genuine joys of courtship and romance than in stormy, intense, or angst-ridden physical and emotional encounters.

In the bedroom or out, you like to keep things light and playful. You get off on laughing and chatting with your lover, or exchanging war stories regarding your own and other people’s love lives.

Reality Check

Essentially good natured and cheerful, you project a sincere concern for others that rarely fails to make a good impression. In addition, you’ve been blessed with a knack for assessing and understanding all sides of an issue.

However, too much equanimity may turn into a liability if you’re unable to reach concrete decisions in significant matters.

December 15 Birthday Compatibility


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