March 10 Birthday Compatibility

March 10

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Moon; Numbers: 1, 4

In Love

You are romantic and passionate, and your courtship style is the stuff of which dreams are made. When you’re in love, you act as if the Sun rises and sets with your beloved. You yearn for the bliss of total union, yet there is a part of you that you can’t share with anyone. Your moody, enigmatic disposition makes you touchy and easily offended. When you feel slighted, you may start an argument, pick a fight, or turn cold as ice and withdraw.

However, you mean no harm. Once recovered from your snit, you behave as if it never happened.

In Bed

Your magnetic allure stems from a combination of physical passion and a deep emotional need for love and affection. You try to conceal your feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability behind a façade of sexual bravado. Temperamentally, you can be likened to a prickly pear. Despite a somewhat thorny outer skin, you’re surprisingly soft and sweet on the inside. Intuition allows you to tune in to your lover’s hidden desires. With a little reassurance from your partner, you’re more than happy to gratify him or her.


Your dreamy sexuality responds most readily to the kind of romantic fantasy usually found only in storybooks. Recreating a fairy tale may seem like a lot of trouble, but the erotic pleasures that you and your lover are likely to discover in your illusory castle in the air make it worth the effort.

Reality Check

You long to make a difference in the world and can usually be found in the forefront of any crusade for social justice. Idealistic in the extreme, you’d like nothing better than to see people get what they need. You want to move forward with your innovative plans and ideas, but your own doubts and second thoughts hold you back.

March 10 Birthday Compatibility


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