July 03 Birthday Compatibility

July 3

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Pluto; Numbers: 1, 3

In Love

Sometimes it’s hard for you to reconcile your lighthearted, flirtatious nature with your deep emotional need for the security of a permanent love relationship. The coolness of your freewheeling, chatty intellectuality is continually at odds with the intensity of your emotions. Although inherently cheerful and a great deal of fun, you are quite touchy and your sensitive feelings are easily hurt. When this happens, your typical reaction is to internalize your anger and slip into a dark mood. Even when your mate or partner is not the cause of your pain, your negativity tends to spill over into your time together.

In Bed

With your seductive aura and sensitivity to your partner’s thoughts and feelings, you can be truly irresistible in the bedroom. Your approach to sex is generally less conservative than most Cancer natives. Although you value emotional security in some life areas, you don’t always play it safe where love is concerned. You prefer acting spontaneously, following your heart rather than your head. You think that lovemaking is meant to be fun, and you fully expect to have a good time under the covers.


Good communication is important to you in an intimate relationship. You enjoy expressing your lusty desires verbally, with sexy banter and flirty words, and also less directly with seductive looks and gestures. The lover who can pick up on your various sexual signals, and respond to them in kind, is the one with the key to turning you on.

Reality Check

Because of an inner restlessness, you require more variety in your life than other crabs. You like talking about your feelings, and you encourage others to share their emotions with you. Although you are sensitive to everything going on around you, your innate rationality keeps you from overdramatizing most situations.

July 03 Birthday Compatibility


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