March 19 Birthday Compatibility

March 19

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Pluto; Numbers: 1, 4

In Love

A genuine romantic, you are impulsive and liable to fall in love at first sight.

When you fall, you do it with your whole heart and soul. You may feel as if no one else has ever been in love before you. When you meet the person you consider your soul mate, the thrill you feel is instantaneous. If it doesn’t work out you’re devastated, at least until you meet someone who is even more enchanting. For the duration of the love relationship, you are extremely sensitive to your partner’s needs and wants and more than willing to provide for them.

In Bed

An instinctual and gifted lover, you usually know what your bedmate wants even before he or she is aware of it. Exciting and fanciful inside the bedroom and out, the magic of fairy tales is as real to you as today’s news head-lines. Although warmhearted and ardent in bed, you’re no sexual gymnast.

You’re just as content kissing and cuddling under the covers—and talking about your dreams and fancies—as you are engaging in wild and passionate lovemaking.


Your sexual cravings are unpredictable and encompass a wide range of erotic fantasies. Driven more by emotional than physical needs, you get off on a bit of drama in the boudoir. When you become bored with your love life, you yearn for a dream lover to whisk you off to some wild and exotic private love nest.

Reality Check

You’re caught somewhere between the dual personality of a laid-back, moody dreamer and an aggressive, argumentative doer. While your sensitive inner fish attempts to extend a helping hand to all comers, the independent, self-sufficient side of your nature keeps on sending out messages to the contrary.

March 19 Birthday Compatibility


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