January 09 Birthday Compatibility

January 9

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Venus; Numbers: 1, 9

In Love

Romance and idealism are the touchstones of your existence. You have a way of falling passionately in love with the “idea” of love. However, if the reality of the situation doesn’t live up to your idealistic expectations, you can be deeply disappointed. Generous and protective, you’re prepared to sacrifice your own interests to keep your beloved happy. But it is important for you to be able to trust and believe in your partner. You also need to feel that your partner believes in you. In short, you want more than just a lover.

What you’re actually seeking is a genuine soul mate.

In Bed

An unselfish lover, you’re considerate of your mate’s preferences in bed and out. You’re proud of your sexual prowess and ability to satisfy your partner.

However, your own feelings are rather sensitive, and you welcome a bit of ego-boosting encouragement in return. If you feel safe and secure in an intimate relationship, you may even allow the slightly kinky side of your nature to emerge. Although basically conventional in your lovemaking, you do enjoy a bit of sexual experimentation now and again.


More sentimental than the average horny goat, you prefer making love in a romantic atmosphere. Nothing turns you on as fast as a well-staged seduction scene with all the traditional trimmings: sexy attire, silky sheets, dim lighting, soft music, scented candles, and a properly chilled bottle of champagne.

Reality Check

You become your own worst enemy when you allow nagging self-doubts to undermine your self-confidence. Any hint of rejection or rebuff is likely to throw you for a loop and turn you from the generous, self-assured partner in a relationship to a needy emotional wreck. Life is much kinder to you when you loosen up and stop taking yourself so seriously.

January 09 Birthday Compatibility


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