September 09 Birthday Compatibility

September 9

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Saturn; Numbers: 9, 9

In Love

Your kind, sympathetic nature makes you charitable, caring, considerate, and eager to help people and animals in distress. Innately romantic and sentimental, you place a high priority on the importance of having a loving relationship in your life. Without someone to love, your tendency is to retreat into the fantasy world of your imagination. Still, you prefer the solitary life to the prospect of being in a relationship that doesn’t live up to your high expectations. There is a more cerebral, scientific side to your nature that also craves love and companionship, albeit of a more thoughtful and intellectual variety.

In Bed

You want a close union based on mutual respect and affection. Highly attuned to your partner’s needs and desires, you make a thoughtful, considerate lover. Your earthy sensuality becomes ever richer with age and experience. When you find a new way to please your mate, you will hone the technique until it approaches perfection. However, you crave a type of intimacy that goes deeper than mere sexual satisfaction. You long to connect to your beloved mentally and spiritually as well as physically.


You get off on talking about sex and may spend a lot of time daydreaming and fantasizing about love and romance. Your imagination is so vivid, it may take only a few provocative suggestions to put you in the mood. Even though it makes you blush, a detailed conversation with your lover about what you’re about to do is a major turn-on.

Reality Check

You’re an odd dichotomy of artistic temperament and scientific mentality.

Although one part of you is dreamy and emotional, the other side is cooler and more rational. Information you can’t find through study or research often comes to you intuitively, in the guise of a hunch or a feeling.

September 09 Birthday Compatibility


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