December 31 Birthday Compatibility

December 31

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Saturn; Numbers: 4, 7

In Love

The dramatic individual born on this date seeks recognition and likes to bask in the warmth of the spotlight. Despite your vibrant personality, there are actually two distinct sides to your character. On one hand, you’re occasionally plagued by pessimism and melancholy. On the other, you’re known for your audacious charm and the delicious, offbeat sense of humor that keeps everyone around you in stitches. In your personal relationships, you don’t like to seem vulnerable. However, when you’re willing to trust enough to let down your guard, you make a loving partner who is always there when needed.

In Bed

Although not outwardly romantic, beneath your restrained exterior you’re deeply passionate, extremely sensitive, and very much in need of love and affection. More than most, you want love in your life, but you have a difficult time expressing your feelings. You may not be the most exciting lover around, but you certainly rank among the most generous, caring, and responsible. Your seduction style is subtle but extremely effective. When you learn how to relax and unwind, your deeper sensuality emerges.


You have a tendency to hide or repress your sexual fantasies until you feel totally comfortable with your bed partner. Your ideal lover knows that you would really like to experiment with fresh ways to enhance your lovemaking, but you’re too shy to say so. Exotic techniques, sexy toys, erotic edibles, and naughty attire can all be great turn-ons.

Reality Check

No matter how wonderful life is, you never feel you have it made. You take all possible precautions but still think there is something you forgot to do.

You’re afraid everything you’ve built will come tumbling down. You need to slow down and relax, even though inertia is anathema to your tightly wound personality.

December 31 Birthday Compatibility


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