July 04 Birthday Compatibility

July 4

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Pluto; Numbers: 2, 4

In Love

People celebrating birthdays on this date are caring and affectionate but also suspicious and self-protective. You need love in your life, and your domestic side craves a home and a family. Naturally subjective in outlook, you view the world from an exceedingly personal point of view. Despite your innate kindness, you are clannish and mainly interested in helping friends, family, and other select members of your inner circle. In your intimate relationships, you are loving and exceedingly generous. However, if you are hurt or disappointed by a loved one, your nurturing, protective attitude can morph into an overprotective, smothering kind of love.

In Bed

The intensity of your sexuality is closely connected to the depth of your feelings for your companion. The act of love can carry you to incredible heights or leave you feeling let down. Sex for its own sake is just not your style. You’re no prude, but you like to establish a strong emotional connection with your lover before you embark on a physical relationship. Your bedroom approach is sensual, tender, and always considerate of your partner’s wishes.


Inside your head, you’re bolder, more imaginative, and audacious enough to take risks you would never think of pursuing in reality. Your ideal lover is the one you trust to coax you out of your Cancer shell. In his or her arms, you reveal your most erotic sexual fantasies. With your bedmate in the supporting role, you can act them out together.

Reality Check

The secretive, self-protective Cancer native prefers to work beneath the surface of a situation rather than confront it head-on. You instinctively know the best way to manipulate circumstances and people, and like a crab, which moves sideways, you will do everything possible to avoid an out-and-out showdown.

July 04 Birthday Compatibility


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