September 26 Birthday Compatibility

September 26

Sun Sign: Libra/Venus

Decanate: Libra/Venus; Numbers: 8, 8

In Love

Relating comes naturally to you, and you probably don’t feel whole without a loving partner at your side. In a close relationship with Mr. or Ms. Right, you are capable of total loyalty and devotion. However, it takes considerably more than just love and romance to hold your interest. You need to be with a significant other who shares your material goals and strong sense of purpose. In an intimate union, control can become an issue. You want to be the one in charge, and you absolutely refuse to put up with a mate who tries to play boss.

In Bed

You are serious regarding love and romance. A frivolous fling holds no appeal for you. In the bedroom, you are a study in contrasts. At times, you’re warm, cuddly, and affectionate. However, on other occasions, you reveal a lustier, more passionate side to your sexual nature. One thing is certain—your appetite for sensual pleasure increases over time. Endurance is your forte. The longer you and your lover are together, the more relaxed and secure you feel in his or her embrace.


Your ideal lover is a sophisticated (and well-heeled) individual who wines and dines you in the classiest places. However, it isn’t the money that turns you on—it’s the glamour, style, and elegance. Your refined sensibilities respond to artful seduction laced with subtle, provocative little hints of eroticism rather than an all-out aggressive pursuit.

Reality Check

Your essential character is a blend of ambition and determination on one hand, and charm and diplomacy on the other. Your ability to see the whole picture helps you determine the best course of action. Moreover, once you get the two sides of your nature to work together, you can succeed at anything you choose to do.

September 26 Birthday Compatibility


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