March 09 Birthday Compatibility

March 9

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Moon; Numbers: 3, 9

In Love

The incurable romantics born on this date are the quintessential examples of their Sun sign. Many of your experiences of romantic love are related to your dreams. You rarely need to look for love, because it finds you. One glance into your soulful eyes and admirers find themselves mesmerized by your charms. Moreover, you know how to make a spouse or lover feel needed and appreciated. As a mate, you can be high maintenance, because you require a lot of attention and encouragement. You’re perfectly able to take care of yourself, but you prefer being cared for by someone else.

In Bed

While not known for sexual aggression, the fish are among the most captivating inhabitants of the zodiacal circle. Like a chameleon, you change color to match your surroundings. The aura of mystery that surrounds you comes from Pisces’ ability to change manner and appearance in the blink of an eye.

The upshot is that you can be whatever your partner wishes you to be. With your finely tuned intuition, you pick up on the other person’s fantasies, then you fulfill them.


Three things are required to turn you on: romance, romance, and more romance. You want a lover who writes poetry for you, whispers sweet nothings in your ear, scatters rose petals on your coverlet, and makes love to you in a beautiful room illuminated by scented candles and pulsating with the sounds of romantic music.

Reality Check

Of all the zodiacal signs, Pisces is the most likely to cling to abusive relationships or participate in symbiotic associations. Too often inclined to accept negative situations as a matter of course, you may opt for adapting to them rather than working to change them. As a confirmed caretaker, the fish tends to fit the pattern of the classic enabler who hurts others by trying too hard to help them.

March 09 Birthday Compatibility


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