February 18 Birthday Compatibility

February 18

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Venus; Numbers: 2, 9

In Love

Aquarians born on the Pisces cusp are an intriguing blend of the water bearer’s friendliness, originality, and independence and dreamy Pisces’ sensitivity and imagination. You have a perceptive mind with intuitive powers that border on the psychic. More romantic and emotionally accessible than other Aquarians, you put your whole heart and soul into an intimate relationship.

You love parties and other social get-togethers. With friends and acquaintances, you are charming, outgoing, and flirtatious. You seem so approachable that most of them never realize you live a separate dream life of your own, which few can penetrate.

In Bed

Potential partners are captivated by your emotional vulnerability and sweet sexual allure. On the outside you’re warm and sensitive, yet beneath the surface your cool Aquarian intellect is taking it all in as a disinterested observer.

Fascinated by all things mysterious and unusual, you fantasize about sailing off into unknown waters with your dream lover. Once you overcome your reservations about intimacy, you throw yourself into lovemaking with breathtaking intensity.


Like an explorer, you’re not afraid to go to distant places. Sometimes you soar so high in your fantasy world that you don’t want to come back to Earth. Novelty turns you on. At times you can be shy when it comes to sex, yet when your lover mentions a new move for the two of you to try, you’re the one leading the charge to the bedroom.

Reality Check

You have great faith in your dreams and in your ability to make them come true. Even the rational, scientific side of your mentality occasionally falls under the influence of your intuitive hunches and flashes of inspiration. You may spend your nights dreaming, but by the light of day you figure out practical ways to put your creative ideas to good use.

February 18 Birthday Compatibility


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