December 01 Birthday Compatibility

December 1

Sun Sign: Sagittarius/Jupiter

Decanate: Sagittarius/Jupiter; Numbers: 1, 4

In Love

Those born on this date like to surround themselves with fun and excitement. Naturally independent and enthusiastic, you view life as a never-ending adventure. You crave the freedom to “follow your bliss,” to have new experiences, and to learn new things as they come along. In an intimate union, you’re ardent, affectionate, and exceedingly generous. Impelled by your active, impetuous nature, you leap in and out of romantic relationships without much thought for the future. Still, you can remain loyal and faithful to Mr. or Ms. Right, so long as he or she doesn’t attempt to chain you to hearth and home.

In Bed

Lighthearted and physically passionate, you make love as exuberantly as you do everything else. You are easily bored by repetition and dull routine, and your appetite for sexual novelty demands innovation and experimentation in bed. Moreover, you are unlikely to confine your lovemaking to the bedroom. Actually, your favorite playground for sex is the great outdoors.

Although happy enough to seize the initiative, you really appreciate a lover who is as direct and bold between the sheets as you are.


You enjoy participating in vigorous activities with your partner as a prelude to sex. An evening together on the dance floor gets your blood pumping and can also serve as a very effective turn-on. Later on, in private, you might extend the night’s dancing into something a bit more seductive, such as a slow, sultry belly dance or an erotic striptease.

Reality Check

Not too many couch potatoes share this birthday. Your restless temperament is perpetually on the lookout for stimulating new challenges. As a fearless pioneer, your lively, adventurous spirit could lead you on a journey to the ends of the earth, or even beyond it into the far reaches of outer space.

December 01 Birthday Compatibility


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