July 11 Birthday Compatibility

July 11

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Pluto; Numbers: 2, 9

In Love

You are sensual, warm, caring, affectionate, and devoted. In love and friendship you are extremely loyal and responsive to the other person’s needs and desires. Sensitive and deeply emotional, you are more likely to be moved by deeds than words. Romance and the rituals of courtship are important to you. However, you want a partner who is not only your soul mate, but also willing to commit to a long-lasting relationship. To your way of thinking, both material and emotional security play important roles in any close relationship. Just knowing that your partner will always be there for you means more to you than anything else.

In Bed

You possess an innate sensuality that shows itself in the bedroom but is also evident in your thoughtful attentiveness to your beloved throughout the house. You take great pleasure in lavishing love and affection on your bed partner, and you expect the same kind of loving consideration in return.

Physical contact is as natural to you as breathing, and you enjoy touching, hugging, and kissing your significant other wherever and whenever the mood strikes you.


You want a partner whose lovemaking helps you escape from the world and all its stresses. Just being together in a private place, where no one else is allowed to intrude, turns you on. Wine, soft music, and tender words of love, accompanied by an intimate little supper for two, all serve as seductive appetizers for an evening of languid sexuality.

Reality Check

You like being helpful and accommodating, but you cannot be pushed too far. To protect your sensitive nature, you retreat into a shell or build a wall around yourself. You stubbornly dig in your heels when things don’t go your way, and when you’re really upset you turn sullen and moody.

July 11 Birthday Compatibility


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