August 19 Birthday Compatibility

August 19

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Mars; Numbers: 1, 9

In Love

A dynamic lion with a magnetic personality, you live to be noticed and admired. Mediocrity and boring repetition have no place in your scheme of things. Inherently romantic and idealistic, you have a penchant for dramatizing and mythologizing every aspect of your life. Quick witted, energetic, and fearless, you can’t be stopped when you set out to accomplish something. At the beginning of a relationship, you’ll do everything possible to fascinate your intended and get him or her to want to know you better.

However, in a long-term union, you can be quite demanding. In return, however, you offer passion, generosity, and devotion.

In Bed

A genuine bedroom bombshell, you make a fiery, ardent lover. As a natural actor, you adore the spotlight and tend to view most of your activities as performances. Even in life’s most intimate moments, you usually can’t resist the temptation to play to your audience. Because your torrid sexuality thrives on novelty and excitement, you’re willing to try anything at least once. Your ideal partner is as high spirited, playful, and enthusiastic under the covers as you are.


The bed buddy who is open-minded, affectionate, and adventurous turns you on. Provocative language and erotic attire in a sumptuous setting gets your juices flowing. You are not shy or hesitant in bed, and a sizzling frolic in a well-lighted or strategically mirrored room may be just the ticket to chase away the blahs of a dull or routine sex life.

Reality Check

Since you equate admiration with love, you relish the approval of an audience. Image is extremely important to you. You reach for the stars, yet when you attain your goal you are not inclined to sit back and rest on previous laurels. Instead you strive to maintain your position by surpassing your previous successes.

August 19 Birthday Compatibility


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