October 24 Birthday Compatibility

October 24

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Pluto; Numbers: 6, 7

In Love

Because you are more romantic and partnership oriented than most other Scorpios, a long-term relationship is pretty much a necessity for you. You yearn for a loving union, and when you find it you pledge your undying devotion. However, possessiveness and jealousy can make your romantic alliances somewhat difficult to sustain. Your love is limitless, and your commitment is such that it can easily turn into obsession. When you feel rejected or betrayed, you don’t sit back and accept defeat graciously. The love that burned like fire turns as cold as ice in the blink of an eye.

In Bed

The romantic aura that you project charms and entices an aspiring lover.

Moreover, when you set your sights on someone, you can be utterly captivating. In spite of your sexy image, you’re actually very discriminating when it comes to getting romantically involved. You’re looking for a soul mate, and you refuse to settle for less. When you find the partner who suits you, you’ll drop your emotional armor and give free rein to all your pent-up passions.


Swapping confidences with your mate can be a real turn-on. Discussing the intimate details of your life with your lover excites and intrigues you.

You get off on hearing all about other people’s naughty escapades as well.

Knowing your mate trusts you enough to share his or her sexy secrets establishes a very special bond between you.

Reality Check

The typical Scorpio individual is courageous, strong willed, and determined.

Unlike Aries, you are not openly combative, but when you’re feeling threatened or vulnerable, you can deliver a painful sting. Members of your Sun sign are often accused of imposing their will on people, but you seize control in order to preclude the possibility of others controlling you.

October 24 Birthday Compatibility


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