November 21 Birthday Compatibility

November 21

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Moon; Numbers: 3, 5

In Love

Yours is an enigmatic temperament that runs the gamut from profoundly serious to ridiculously lighthearted. You are versatile and quick-witted, and people are attracted by your keen intelligence and magnetic personality. In romantic relationships, the paradoxes in your nature puzzle even those closest to you. Although you may long for the emotional security of a permanent union, your flirtatious, independent side craves variety and change.

Consequently, you may not be as quick to settle down as other scorpions.

Yet even though you truly enjoy playing the field, once you decide to make a permanent commitment, you stick with it.

In Bed

Between the sheets, you are innovative, creative, and imaginative but also passionate and demanding. Your uniquely curious mind needs the freedom to roam, and you will resist being tied down to anything approaching routine lovemaking. Playfulness in bed gives your sexual technique a delightful spontaneity. Variety spices up your love life, and your busy mind works overtime thinking up new ways to arouse and please your partner. First you entice your lover with provocative verbal suggestions, and then you follow up with the real thing.


Pillow talk and gossip about other people’s amorous exploits turn you on.

You are a great listener and observer of human foibles, and your decidedly witty and eminently naughty observations about everyone else’s sex life can add spice to your own. Trying out sexy new discoveries with your bedmate satisfies your curiosity and enhances your love life.

Reality Check

You rarely skim the surface of things. When you want to find out something, you will dig and probe until you get to the very root of the matter.

Your penetrating insight is surely one of your greatest assets. It allows you to swiftly evaluate situations and people and understand what they are really about.

November 21 Birthday Compatibility


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