October 29 Birthday Compatibility

October 29

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Pluto; Numbers: 2, 3

In Love

Those born on this date want to live life to the max, and they approach love and work with equal intensity. Sexy and affectionate, you’re seemingly made for grand passion. However, it is difficult for you to let down your emotional barriers and allow anyone to get really close. In an intimate union, you are generous and devoted but also very demanding. Moreover, living with you can be a complex roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. Possessiveness, suspicions, and accusations that get out of control may drive your partner straight up the wall, or even out the door.

In Bed

A casual love affair holds little interest for you. You want the type of love and devotion that can only be found in a long-term relationship. You are deeper and more intensely emotional than you appear, and sex for you is a truly transcendent experience. You work and play hard. Once you get going, your amazing physical stamina can keep your lover satisfied throughout the night. Sharing intimate pleasures and confidences with your mate refreshes your body and renews your spirit.


The bed partner who plies you with sensual delights is the one who knows how to turn you on. Your lusty libido responds amorously to the prospect of acting out all your favorite erotic fantasies. With your lover in the role of obliging love slave, you glory in the ecstatic gratification of your secret wishes and desires, and then you respond in kind.

Reality Check

Your magnetic appeal and flair for the dramatic rarely fail to make an impression. Your charisma is such that you influence other people without their even realizing it. You’re a winner and you know it, but your continu-ous struggle for dominance and success places a severe strain on your mental and physical resources.

October 29 Birthday Compatibility


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