March 02 Birthday Compatibility

March 2

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Moon; Numbers: 2, 5

In Love

It is no wonder that people enjoy being around you. In addition to having a compassionate heart and friendly, easygoing manner, you are inherently tactful and receptive to the needs and feelings of others. Solitude doesn’t appeal to you, and you actively seek the companionship of a loving partner. In an intimate union, you are thoughtful and caring. However, you are something of a sentimental idealist when it comes to love and sexuality. You dislike confrontation and will bend over backward to keep the peace. If a close relationship turns sour, you may choose to leave rather than stay and fight.

In Bed

You are naturally warmhearted, sensual, and sensuous, and lovemaking for you is a total experience. You expect the sex act to be both physically pleasurable and emotionally satisfying. Moreover, you’re capable of making it enjoyable and fulfilling for both you and your partner. There is an air of mystery and a delicate vulnerability about you that is extremely seductive.

Although you are tougher than you appear, you have a way of making the other person feel extremely protective toward you.


You are so enamored of love and romance that you can confuse displays of affection with declarations of undying love. Just being with the one you love is your ultimate sexual turn-on. However, a sensuous foot massage, a thoughtful gift, or a poem written especially for you intensifies your desire to become one with your lover.

Reality Check

Your yearning for a close relationship can cause you to sacrifice your own identity in favor of that of your partner. You’re liable to cling to a relationship with someone who treats you badly if you believe that the other person needs you. Worse yet, you may hang on because you think that you can actually change the other person.

March 02 Birthday Compatibility


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