September 07 Birthday Compatibility

September 7

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Saturn; Numbers: 7, 7

In Love

In a close relationship you’re kindhearted, loving, and caring. Sentimental and romantic yet apprehensive about expressing your true feelings, you generally prefer to demonstrate your love through actions instead of words.

You’re likely to be disappointed if your kindness is not reciprocated, or your loyalty and devotion unappreciated. Your idealism makes you critical and demanding, yet when your demands are met you are capable of giving your all for your beloved. Although you long for true love, few can live up to your high standards. However, once you make a commitment, you stick with it through good times and bad.

In Bed

In creating the perfect setting for lovemaking, you pay scrupulous attention to the smallest detail. You like to spoil your lover. You willingly do everything you can to satisfy your partner; however, you expect similar treatment in return. Your feelings can easily be hurt if your endeavors are overlooked.

Sexually, you’re tender, ardent, and attentive. Although you may not be the most exciting bedmate in the zodiac, you are definitely one of the most obliging.


Because Virgo is the sign of service, you’re accustomed to using your skills and talents for the benefit of others. The ideal lover understands that sometimes you need to be the one who is catered to and pampered. Erotic foreplay in a soothing atmosphere turns you on and sets the stage for deeper, more meaningful explorations of sensuality.

Reality Check

Although you are often critical of others, you’re invariably hardest on yourself. This propensity for self-doubt can be extremely stressful to your delicate nervous system. While you may be serious minded and responsible, you are never somber. In fact, you possess quite a devilish sense of humor that often sends those around you into fits of hysterical laughter.

September 07 Birthday Compatibility


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