November 05 Birthday Compatibility

November 5

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Neptune; Numbers: 5, 7

In Love

When you love, you do so totally. Even so, you may resist giving all of yourself to the other person. In your most intimate moments, you continue to hold something in reserve. While you may not think of yourself as fickle, independence and change are touchstones of your existence. As a result, you think long and hard before entering into a committed union. When you do commit, you expect absolute loyalty and fidelity from your partner. You are devoted and passionate in return, but you can also be somewhat controlling.

In Bed

The amorous intensity of your Scorpio nature smolders just beneath the surface of your cool outer façade. Emotionally, however, you blow hot and cold. On one level your blood boils for an all-consuming passion that takes your breath away. Yet on another level, you yearn for a mental connection with a companion you can talk to. In private, you are intrigued by anything that bursts the barriers of sexual propriety. An enticing, seductive lover, you know exactly what to do to turn on your bedmate.


The very idea that your friends might be scandalized if they knew what you’re contemplating, or possibly even doing behind closed doors, is your ultimate turn-on. Erotic experimentation is your forte, and the lover who knows how to gratify the unconventional side of your sexual nature is the one you really want by your side.

Reality Check

Unlike those Scorpio natives who surround themselves with a close-knit group of companions, you prefer an active social life with opportunities for interacting with many different people. Your wit attracts admirers, but the clever quips that roll off your tongue sometimes have a barbed edge. If someone hurts you, you keep your peace until you get the opportunity to respond in kind.

November 05 Birthday Compatibility


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