November 18 Birthday Compatibility

November 18

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Moon; Numbers: 2, 9

In Love

The individual born on this date has a vivid imagination and a fascination for all things strange, mysterious, unknown, or unknowable. Your natural instincts and intuition provide you with an eerie insight into people and situations that borders on the psychic. Sincerely devoted to those you love, you are prepared to sacrifice everything for them when necessary. In an intimate union, you’re more likely than other Scorpio natives to idealize your partner and place him or her on a pedestal. Then, if disappointment forces you to face up to a negative reality, you may be left hurt and heartbroken.

In Bed

At times the diverse facets of your character seem to conflict with one another. Your idealistic, angelic side seeks perfection from both your partner and yourself. However, the devilish part of you is attracted to mysteries and longs to unravel all the secrets of a dark and dangerous lover. Moreover, your need for a sense of togetherness can make you seem emotionally needy.

Your colorful chameleonlike moodiness notwithstanding, between the sheets you’re a sensual, passionate, considerate lover, dedicated to making your bedmate’s wildest dreams come true.


You come to lovemaking emotionally and physically naked, and your bedroom moods can be as explosive and exciting as any fireworks display. Your passion and enthusiasm during intimate moments tend to be contagious.

Acting out your most exotic secret fantasies together with your bed partner is usually all it takes to turn both of you on.

Reality Check

You are hard to beat when it comes to intuition and insight into other people and their problems. Your keen perceptions and acute powers of observation help you see through anyone’s façade. Yet where your own life is concerned, you’re very private and prefer keeping your personal business hidden under an impenetrable cloak of secrecy.

November 18 Birthday Compatibility


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