December 28 Birthday Compatibility

December 28

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Saturn; Numbers: 1, 4

In Love

Persons born on this date are self-possessed and not easily accessible emotionally, even to those closest to them. You’re not much given to intimate billing and cooing or sharing your deepest feelings with your significant other. Because you’re something of a perfectionist, you demand the best from your beloved. Moreover, you have little patience when you don’t get it. Since you’re also something of a workaholic, marriage and family life may be forced to take a backseat to your personal ambitions and career plans. Although you don’t jump into serious relationships precipitously, when you do make a promise, you keep it.

In Bed

As a lover, you are strongly sexed and passionate, yet capable of controlling and directing your ardor. At times you can be so moody that your romantic partner may find you difficult to live with. Your sexual responses are also subject to moods, swinging back and forth from passionate to detached.

Your ideal mate knows how to awaken the sexy beast within. When mellowed and relaxed, you turn into a lusty, surprisingly considerate lover.

Endurance is your forte. Once you get started, you can keep going all night.


Although you can’t be coerced or dominated, you can be seduced by a patient lover who takes the time to find out what you really like done to you behind closed doors. Your earthy sensuality and appetite for sexual pleasure grows and expands over time. Enticing verbal suggestions, coupled with erotic touching and stroking, turn you on.

Reality Check

Your basic nature is active, authoritative, and aggressive. Finesse is not your forte. You like being in charge, and your desire for prominence keeps you reaching ever higher. You function best when placed in a position of leadership, where you can make the most of your potential.

December 28 Birthday Compatibility


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