November 27 Birthday Compatibility

November 27

Sun Sign: Sagittarius/Jupiter

Decanate: Sagittarius/Jupiter; Numbers: 2, 9

In Love

People celebrating birthdays on this date are exceedingly romantic and liable to fall hopelessly in love with an ideal. If the flesh-and-blood person fails to live up to your idealistic image, you can be devastated. Physically you are warmhearted and passionate, but emotionally you’re so impressionable that close relationships may be difficult to sustain. Naturally concerned and compassionate, you’re deeply sensitive to your partner’s needs. Moreover, you lead an intense inner life of sentimental dreams and crusading ideals.

Although you long for the intimacy of a committed union, your inner archer requires periods of freedom for contemplative withdrawal.

In Bed

Inherently kind and caring, you make a generous, devoted lover. However, you have so much affection to give that your partner may not be able to share the depths of the emotion you’re feeling. Because you’re more romantic and fanciful than most other Sagittarians, imagination plays a huge part in your sex life. You enjoy using your innate creativity to devise exotic scenarios to act out with your bedmate. Deep down you long to be swept away on a wave of ecstasy.


A dreamy atmosphere in which to share moments of exquisite intimacy arouses you and adds to your sensual pleasure. Tantalizing feathery caresses and slow, enticing kisses that build slowly to a rapturous crescendo are a real turn-on. You might also enjoy a relaxing herbal soak with your lover, in a tub or spa surrounded by flickering oil lamps.

Reality Check

You are energetic and versatile and have tremendous potential, but with your Sun in Sagittarius, a mutable sign, you are inherently restless, and your attention is easily diverted from your objectives. Although you may not actually be as confident as you appear, with Jupiter as your ruling planet, you know your own worth.

November 27 Birthday Compatibility


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