April 03 Birthday Compatibility

April 3

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Sun; Numbers: 3, 7

In Love

Driven by spurts of nervous energy, you move fast, talk fast, and rarely waste a moment of precious time. Your playful, outgoing personality attracts many admirers and you probably have numerous romantic opportunities.

Generous, warm, and loving, you like interacting with people in social gatherings and intimate one-on-one situations. However, your mercurial nature and tendency to scatter your energies in a number of different directions make you hard to pin down. Although you enjoy sharing your ideas and interests with someone special, you value your freedom and independence so much that you have difficulty maintaining a long-term relationship.

In Bed

Your bedroom approach is exciting, enthusiastic, and spontaneous. Your aversion to boredom is legendary, and the idea of exploring new sexual territory fascinates you. With your action-oriented, restless nature, you are continually seeking fresh physical and mental sensations. Words get you going, and your urge to communicate encourages frequent verbal exchanges with your bedmate. Your major erotic zone is in your brain, and hearing about what your lover is thinking and feeling during sex is your ultimate turn-on.


You never give up flirting, even with a long-term companion. You like discussing sex and talking about what you would love to do or have done to you. You can spend hours on the telephone rehashing past sexual exploits and exploring exciting future possibilities. A spicy email, arriving just before a hot date, gets all your juices flowing.

Reality Check

Although you process information quickly and release it just as fast, your energy flow is somewhat erratic and you need to learn to pace yourself.

Because variety is the spice of your life, you’re better at starting projects than finishing them. Easily sidetracked, you tend to go off on a tangent whenever something or someone more exciting comes along.

April 03 Birthday Compatibility


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