December 05 Birthday Compatibility

December 5

Sun Sign: Sagittarius/Jupiter

Decanate: Sagittarius/Mars; Numbers: 5, 8

In Love

People born on this date are warmhearted, caring, and affectionate but given to jumping in and out of romantic relationships. Although you rarely admit to being fickle, your fear of intimacy can keep you from settling down.

When you do choose someone, he or she will almost certainly share many of your interests and be a friend as well as a lover. In a romantic union you’re generous and passionate but wary of anything that threatens to impinge on your personal freedom. In all probability, no one will ever own you, but an understanding partner may win your loyalty and devotion.

In Bed

Despite being an ardent and essentially uninhibited lover, sex is rarely your number-one consideration. In the bedroom, you are inventive and imaginative. However, romance often begins for you as a marriage of minds and only later progresses to a merging of bodies. With your low tolerance for boredom, you are hungry for fresh experiences and eager to try new things.

Having fun comes easily to you, and telling jokes and exchanging funny stories in bed relaxes you and heightens your pleasure.


Your brain is your ultimate erogenous zone. While exotic potions, naughty toys, and flavored oils may intrigue you, what really turns you on is sexy talk. Your ideal lover is a fun-loving flirt with an innovative mind and a wild imagination, someone who can create a steamy atmosphere for lovemaking with provocative looks and spicy sex banter.

Reality Check

Sentimentality is not your style. You are basically future oriented, and you rarely spend time reminiscing about past relationships that didn’t work out the way you hoped they would. For you, life is too exciting to waste on regrets and recriminations. When a romance is over, you move on without a backward glance.

December 05 Birthday Compatibility


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